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Luxury Living On Redmond's Central Park
Porch + Park

Create A Connection Inside & Out New Lux Apartments coming soon to Redmond

Like the prestigious Park Place & Boardwalk squares on the gameboard of Monopoly, Porch + Park is one of the most valuable squares to “land on” within downtown Redmond. The one and only Porch + Park location creates a connection from the entry to the city of Redmond, Central Park & beyond.

Just as a porch serves as an entryway to a home, Porch + Park is an entryway to experiential living in Redmond.

Porch + Park


  • Ground floor retail spaces
  • Custom artwork & vibrant theme throughout
  • Redmond's Central Park as your backyard
  • Luxurious rooftop deck with private BBQ area
  • Zen courtyard outdoor space
  • Full AC in many units with large private patios
Porch + Park
Porch + Park

16050 Cleveland St.
Redmond, WA

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